Royal Crown Cola / Southern Slow Since 1905

The Royal Crown Cola brand has decided to rebrand. We were there and created our slowest campaign so far. Television spots and visuals return consumers to the city of Columbus, Georgia, in the US in the early twentieth century, and try to highlight the nature of this region and a period that was filled with true gentlemen and sunk by the heavy southern sun.


In the creative itself, we tried to emphasis the attribute of slowness as much as possible. At a time when you need to put as much information as possible within thirty seconds, only one sentence was enough and paradoxically it wasn’t related to the product. It was enough to say it soooooo slowly. The directorial duo from Berlin, John Doe, took over the directorial design of television and online spots.


We did radio spots and six seconds long online formats differently. We simply did not read the text to the end and that supported the announcement that there is no rush with Royal Crown Cola. Slowness is a really grateful topic, so let’s see what else will meet us with this brand.

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