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ACTUM Digital is an IT company committed to the development of web applications, personalization, and analytics. The objective of this campaign is to comprehensively present what the company does and how it can help prospective clients.

In Belgium, we created a visual aid using a unique 3-D model to show how individual businesses are interdependent and influence each other.

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HR, Office & Claims


Building Visionary
Plynární 1617/10
Praha 7
170 00


WMC Praha, a.s.
Plynární 1617/10
Praha 7
170 00

tel. +420 266 798 100

IČO: 26509954
DIČ: CZ26509954 

New business & Clients


Adéla Krausová
Deputy Managing Director


International requirements GREY Group EMEA

The Johnson Building 77 Hatton Garden London,
EC1N81 United Kingdom
+44 20 3037 3500


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