Pivovary Lobkowicz / Beer on tap(e)

We have prepared seven film premiers, shot in the space of 24 hours, for the Lobkowicz Premium brand, as well as for the visitors of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

A specially formed crew shot six beer-inspired shorts, and one longer film, that connected all the previous works to form a cohesive story. This project was completed at the Karlovy International Film Festival over seven days.

The director of this project, Jan Chramosta, is a renowned specialist in short film making. Each film’s premier was held at 9:30pm in the Lobkowicz tent, near the Thermal Hotel, and was introduced by the director himself. Proceeding each premier was a sampling of the beer that had inspired that particular film.

The films were posted the following day on the Lobkowicz Premium Facebook page so that fans, who had not seen it in person at Karlovy Vary, could watch via live feeds.

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