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Czechs love driving.

How to deliver a message when no one wants to listen
A story of how one drive thru grabbed newspaper headlines

Czechs love driving. They drive everywhere, even if they don’t have to. And there is no way to stop them. Press releases, serious articles about how smog kills, educative TV shows… Naaah. They don’t care.

But there is one thing drivers don’t know. The air in their cars contains two times more harmful particles than the air on the nearby sidewalk. Their cars contain precisely 51 600 harmful particles per square centimetre. But how to persuade people who love their cars and do everything possible to stay inside of them to listen and to leave them at home?

We located a place with the heaviest traffic in Prague and created a place that all drivers love – a drive thru. Well… a completely new kind of drive thru. We called it Air Drive, and instead of hamburgers, pizzas or tacos, we sold a different kind of refreshment – fresh air.

Selling air in the centre of Prague, and our well-planned influencer and media campaign, drew the attention of the media and got our Air Drive on the main national TV news. And through that into the living rooms of millions of drivers, who now know that, in their cars, there’s always something in the air.

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    How to deliver a message when nobody wants to listen

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