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Bohemia Sekt ICE

Bohemia Sect ICE: New Product Launch

Taking hold of new customer opportunity


Scope of work

  • Communication strategy for new product
  • Creative Concept for a new TVC spot, TVC spot 30, 15 sec
  • Gastro-sector activation / promo)
  • Spotify playlist
  • IG filter – ICE Bohem
  • Full-scale production and deployment of the campaign

About campaign

On June 1, 2020, we launched a campaign for the newly released product – Bohemia Sekt ICE.

The aim of the campaign was to refresh brand communication and introduce the product to younger target groups. Campaign differs from the ‘Be Together’ campaign, which was created for the classic product Bohemia Sect Demi Sec, is the way communication is constructed beyond the classic story about one couple. With the new Bohemia Sekt ICE spot, the brand has, in terms of communication, moved to a level that is more open and accessible to all consumers. The connecting element of the whole campaign being the claim “ICE unites us”.

The emphasis was placed mainly on a new consumption opportunity – we wanted to show, that sparkling wine does not have to be reserved only for celebrations or special occasions. The communication concept therefore draws on the theme of a summer party by the water, it’s carried in a relaxed mood and depicts wider consumer base and works with a strong association of the product through the symbolism of ice. We further supported the product through a ritual of serving sparkling wine, drinking it from large glasses with mint and lots of ice. Through the successful communication of the new product of Bohemia Sekt ICE, we out-communicated the competition (Prosseco) and the Bohemia Sekt brand has thus successfully secured this summer’s consumer base.

What made Bohemia Sekt ICE Famously Effective:

The creation of new consumer opportunity for Bohemia Sekt = Summer party with your friends. Aspirational campaign with premium assets – Product / Opportunity / United communication.


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    Taking hold of new customer opportunity

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