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Taking electronics to the customer higher than to a base camp or to the end of the world.

And that’s not all.

Giving a more playful face to a brand that everyone knows and thinks they know inside and out was a perfect challenge. That’s why we created a brand new and distinctive world for Datart, in which we preserved the positive perception of the DATART brand as electronics specialists.

The foundations of the creativity are based on the DATART brand itself, a trustworthy seller of electronics with a large network of shops and wonderful services. Communication and execution concepts were therefore created in parallel. In other words, what the ad says on one hand and how it looks on the other.

In order to differentiate DATART from competitors, we have created unique spots with stories and visuals that will draw in the viewer’s attention and allow him/her to step out of the advertising block. The concept deals with a half-acted ad that works with simple tricks and an almost surrealistically-stylised environment. It creates such a rich image, where the viewer always has something new to discover. The main hero is a likeable “guide” to the world of DATART, which is a fantastical backdrop of mountains and outer space representing the values and services of the brand. Take a look at what the ad looked like.

For visual inspiration we reached for classic films like Baron Munchausen and the complete works of Karel Zeman. The goal of the ads was to strengthen the distinctiveness of the brand and to depict it in visual form so that it clearly and entertainingly shows the attributes on which DATART has been building for a long time, and also to show how it differs from the others, meaning primarily the services for customers. And that was a success. DATART’s sales broke records for several months following the introduction of the new communication. In fact, no less than Forbes reported on it.

What made DATART Famously Effective: Creativity differentiating from the category communication + Product benefits as the backbone of the communication + Precise execution planning

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