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Valašsko is Krásno (beautiful)

Building a family-owned butcher brand from Valašsko


Scope of work

  • Communication strategy
  • Creative concept for an integrated campaign
  • TVC 30s and 15s for CZ and SK 6 “video-recipes” for a digital campaign in CZ and SK
  • Drafting and photo-production of the key visual
  • Salesfolder preparation for sales people
  • Month-long digital and TV campaign
  • Complex organisation of production and campaign launch

Campaign results


  • The TV campaign in the Czech Republic hit 7.8 million people in 1 month
  • The TV campaign in Slovakia hit 850 000 people in 3 weeks


  • The online campaign produced over 10.2 million impressions
  • 2.2 million users in both countries were hit
  • The videos got a high rate of viewership (37%) and watch-through rate (29%)
  • High click-through rate, over 23 000 new visitors to the Krásno website

About campaign

Residing in the very heart of Moravia, the city of Valašské Meziříčí, the family-owned business Krásno is one of the largest meat processors in the Czech Republic. Despite being owned and operated by the Pilčík family, the general public incorrectly assumed that this company belongs to the massive Agrofert corporation. This was the motivation to launch a large communication campaign that would raise the Krásno brand recognistion and differentiate it from its competition.

The campaign had an effective connecting claim playing on the brand’s values – Valašsko is beautiful (“Krásno” means “beautiful” in Czech). We put our efforts to creating a unique visual world inspired by the local Valašsko traditions, environment and family values. The main motif of our TV spot is a traditional open-air Valašsko celebration, complete with folk costumes and bands playing the song “My Jsme Valaši, Jedna Rodina” (“We Are Valaši, One Family”). We put emphasis on the local origin as well as high quality of the Krásno products which are guaranteed by its owner, Karel Pilčík who even says as much in the TVC.

The campaign brought with it some great results and reactions. The brand Krásno was strengthened on both the B2C to B2B markets and thanks to effective cross-media campaign targetting on TV and social sites, we got our message through to a large portion of our taret audience. For a low price too! The cross-media campaign launch of the main TV spot, online and social media communication was also enhanced by 6 video recipes that worked with the Krásno products. Thanks to their high watch-through rate, these video recipes managed to increase the contact between the brand and the consumers and thus improve brand recognition.

What made Krásno Famously Effective:

Creating a brand new visual environment inspired by the Valašsko tradition + Effective communication connecting the brand to emotions + cross-media launch with high number of impressions (TV, social media)


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    Building a family-owned butcher brand from Valašsko

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