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Royal Crown Cola

Royal Crown Cola

Game-changing brand repositioning

Scope of work

  • Repositioning and rebranding of the brand
  • Communication strategy
  • Creative concept for an integrated campaign
  • TVC 60, 30 a 15 sec
  • 4 months of digital campaign
  • Comprehensive production and deployment of the campaign

Campaign results

  • 11% market share within 2 years
  • 5x higher margins
  • 51% brand recognition within 2 years
  • 30% of the market in pulse formats

Campaign results

  • ADC Czech Awards - Craft

  • ADC Czech Awards - Film

  • ADC Czech Awards - Online film

  • Golden Effie - Long-term brand building

About campaign

The former RC Cola brand started with below-average figures, but thanks to our new rebranding on “southern roots”, the results shot up like a bottle cap on a shaken cola. The response was literally incredible! During our three years of cooperation, the demand in the area of catering/restaurants rose by up to 120% (an 11% market share in 2019) and from 2016 the margin increased by almost five times. In 2019, the share of purchased Royal Crown Cola among the other colas in the hypermarkets increased by an entire third! Last but not least, the increase of awareness of the Royal Crown Cola brand among respondents in the age of 25-40 to up to 51% is also important. These and other success stories confirm that with the proper communication, even an uninteresting product can become a hit. Plus, 77% of those surveyed know that Royal Crown Cola is “that American one”.

All of the achieved results were built on a strong strategy, which was absolutely consistent in all communication channels. The communication concept was developed in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the American headquarters, and thanks to its success, it will be applied in other markets (Belgium, France, Denmark, Romania) in the future. But you know how: nicely and slowly. Our work here was recognised with several awards. The campaign received three ADC Czech Creative Awards in the categories Craft, Film a Online Film and one Golden Effie for Long term brand building.

What made Royal Crown Cola Famously Effective:

A well thought-out creative brand repositioning + premium product propositions + distinctive brand assets in the category.

  • popis:

    Slow is the way to go.

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