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Royal Crown Cola

Royal Crown Cola decided to rebrand

Badly perceived brand. No emotions. Falling margins in very competitive industry… This is the classic American RC Cola on the Czech market in 2015, where it has been struggling for a long time. It was necessary to take an action. Leave the market, run a massive campaign or change everything?

Kofola, together with our agency, decided for the third option. We built a new brand from ground up and completely different. And we started with a total product change. The product conceptually returned to its roots – the pharmacist Claud A. Hatcher and the beginning 20th century. The Royal Crown Cola was newly introduced as a classic Southern coke with the aim of conveying the values ​​of the slow and hot American South to the customer. We’ve used the original southern recipe and the most contemporary pharmacy packaging. With the newly positioned product came a new price policy and incomparably higher margins per piece.


We built brand positioning on a strong authentic story (early 20th century) and values ​​that are in contrast to today’s world and communication of competing brands (hot, and especially slow American South versus happiness + high energy communication).

The key to the success of a campaign’s creative is the strategy mentioned above – all elements of the marketing mix are consistent. Based on clearly defined southern values, we bring the customer an authentic brand experience. The new positioning of the product is so unique on the Czech market that it distinguishes communication at first sight – by visual style, language, but mainly by the direct experience it brings to the customer – SLOW IS THE WAY TO GO.

After two years of communication, we have been able to rebuild soulless generic coke in plastic bottle to an absolute love brand. We’ve even been awarded with creative awards (3x ADC Creative Awards and Campaign of the Year according to Katovna aka Ads. Slayers But its’s not just nice package and creative awards – we’ve helped our client to bring mainly sales results – an increase in sales more than 275% in 2019 compared to the period 2017-2018.