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How an advertisement for SEMTEX got the right energy

In 2018 we were approached by Kofola, owner of the SEMTEX brand to develop a new communication strategy for this long-time-stagnating brand. The goal of the rebranding of SEMTEX was to use the existing high awareness of the brand and to build new and better communication on it. The strong competition of the growing market of energy drinks, the generally decreasing consumer loyalty and the weakening ability to set oneself apart in communications also had to be taken into consideration.

We looked at the global and local market. Who is the customer in Asia, India, America and Europe and what do they do? Why and when are the ingredients decisive and when does the consumer demand bubbles. Thanks to all the questions “why?”, we determined that we want to change the product for a better rebranding effect.

Based on the research we designed 3 new products reflecting the energy requirements we tied it with product names HIGH, FLOW and LONG – three energy requirements that SEMTEX remoulded from inspiration into actual products.

Communication strategy went along it and we positioned SEMTEX as a specialist in energy. This all moved us further into the future of a new communication of the brand. Because daily life is comprised of thousands of tiny moments that we need to overcome, we built the claim “HACK THE MOMENT” on the top of the communication. Here we combined the awareness of SEMTEX as a specialist in energy, tools in the form of new products and a clear goal: “Overcoming using the choice of the right energy, whatever may get in your way.”

The strategy together with changes and an efficient campaign resulted in a 23 % boost in sales and considerable increase in brand’s characteristics.

Interesting fact / music track delivery

After the publication of the TV spot on YouTube, there was an unprecedented interest in composing the entire track based on music from the commercial. SEMTEX has decided to take advantage of this positive wave of energy. We had the whole track composed, delivered it in person to one of the fans and recorded his own music video SEMTEX HIGH.

Semtex Focus

A truly targeted launch

The story continues. After the successful rebranding and rejuvenation of the SEMTEX brand, the centre of events moves even closer to the young generation Z. Tailored to the youngest customers, this year we created the SEMTEX REPUBLIC communication platform. That transforms the traditional one-way communication from the brand to the customer to a two-way communication channel, where the brand creates a real space for customers. Thus, the SEMTEX REPUBLIC platform combines real activities and themes resonating with generation Z with the product propositions of HIGH, FLOW, LONG energy drinks and now also FOCUS.

How? Thanks to a connection to the communities that are related to the product propositions. Thus, we targeted the new SEMTEX FOCUS, created for 100% concentration, directly at the gaming community. We got involved in their world, discovered what they respect and what they discuss amongst themselves. On the basis of these facts, we prepared a non-traditional product launch in the form of an online eSport event, the livestream which was seen by more than 28,000 people from the gaming community.

SEMTEX FOCUS was a natural part of the event and the elaborate scenario pointed out its key characteristics. We prepared all kinds of interruptions for participating players that they had to overcome while playing. Like an actress that played a mother and later an angry girlfriend, plus various restrictions in the game or physical limitations. But the players respectfully endured everything, they created a joyful show and by their above-average performance, we can judge that SEMTEX FOCUS helped them to keep focused. And what’s more, the current sale of the new drink is breaking records.

What made SEMTEX FOCUS Famously Effective: Understanding the world of the youngest generation Z + rendering the product proposition through the community’s interest + in-real communication format, real actions instead of words.

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    How an advertisement for SEMTEX got the right energy

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