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Staropramen – Christmas Our Way

Staropramen – Christmas Our Way

Leftover trees, empty kegs and the last few scraps of wrapping paper. Christmas as it really is and how we Czechs like it.

Scope of work

  • Initial execution of the new “Life Our Way”
  • Communication strategy 360 creative execution for TV, OOH and Online
  • Supervision of production & content creation for SoMe

Campaign results

  • Significant year-on-year increase in sales of Smíchovský výběr portfolio
  • +490% in OFF Trade for the months 11/ 12/ 2022
  • In 12/2021, sales were 20.5% higher than planned (only in off-trade)

About campaign

The charismatic Hynek Čermák, who has represented the Starorpamen brand for several years, helped us create the right Christmas atmosphere. Čermák accompanies us as the story’s main character, who experiences the Christmas rush we all know so well, with slight irony and exaggeration. To distinguish the advertisement, we avoided hackneyed Christmas generosity, artificial snow and overly positive moods.

Advertising blocks are full of these during Advent. But Staropramen shows life our way, as it really is. Sometimes bitter, but still satisfied. The new “Life Our Way” communication strategy inspired the Christmas campaign with characteristics of the Czech temperament, which should bring the Staropramen brand closer to its customers in the long term.

The spot was produced by Bistro Films and directed by Jakub Švejkar. Observant viewers will notice that Hynek Čermák’s partner is played by his real wife, Veronika Čermák Macková.

What made HoppyGo Famously Effective:

A clear communication strategy working with elements of the Czech temperament, exaggeration and humorous references to Christmas stereotypes  together with specific situations that perhaps every Czech has experienced (carp, tree, etc.) A great, nearly speachless acting performance.

  • projekt:

    Christmas as it really is and how we Czechs like it.

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