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What we do

At WMC GREY, we create ads, which are uniquely creative and meet their goals. In 2015, Grey Network Agency was declared the Global Agency of the Year under the banner of, "Famously effective."

Forget the classical ATL BTL structure, agencies that call themselves digital… The world is changing and so are we. With every campaign, with every new trend, product, service, every day. To bring you holistic 360 ° campaigns, cleverly activated solutions and to help your brands grow.




Adéla Krausová

Managing Director

Famously effective is the most fundamental rule we follow and it should be included in all of our work. Only this combination brings great, long-term results. The results, which are mainly caused by the fact that our clients and employees are with us for many years. Stability is probably the most accurate answer for me.

David Suda

Creative Director

Famously effective is the mantra of all GREY agencies around the world. It is a belief in creativity that can both attract the customers and bring them to the desired action. It’s admirable that this approach has been here, in the dynamic advertising industry for over a hundred years. As a creative type, I personally mostly support works that generate the desired efficiency with their exceptional creativity.

Jan Plajner

Business Development Director

Being Famously Effective is to connect all the dots together in a meaningful chain. Great ideas, strategies and executions need to come always together so that the goal is reached efficiently, on-time and in outstanding quality. That´s why, at WMC/GREY we encourage everybody to feel for the client and see their goals as our common. Together with flat organizational structure where each of us take his/her part of responsibility and action this makes us fast, flexible and famously effective.

Aleš Hron


Thoughts in GREY don’t have job position. They can come from anyone and the task of the more experienced rest of the agency is to move it further. Both personal and professional trust given to people on all positions works here. With this approach, we all do more than just “our job.”

Tomáš Vondráček


It’s a miracle that happens only when you do the right things with the best people. Suddenly, even everyday work brings amazing results that are impressive and successful at the same time.




To be seen, to be heard. These goals are not even remotely enough for our works. We are FAMOUSLY EFFECTIVE.
It means to seek extraordinary. To create things that don’t walk the line. Things that energize brands and excite people.
It also means respect the craft, be passionate about the power of ideas and joy of creation.
Our clients reward these values with trust. Our professional peers with awards.

ADC Awards