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We stand with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

Campaign in cooperation with AKA to aid war-torn Ukraine

Scope of work

  • Creation of a rapid media response to the invasion of Ukraine
  • Focusing financial and material assistance in one central place
  • Cross-agency cooperation within AKA association
  • 2x TVC + optimisation of more than 25 ad formats
  • Acquisition of exclusive media space

Campaign results

  • 360 000 people brought to the website
  • 1.4 million ad views on Youtube, everyone has seen the ad twice
  • Coverage on TV with almost 6.5 million viewers older than 15 years
  • Almost half of the viewers saw the spot at least 5x

About campaign

The war had just begun and our immediate response was to help Ukrainians in need. Under the auspices of AKA, we prepared a creative charity campaign. In one week, the first spot was created together with a website bringing together various forms of assistance,, to which all communication was directed. In the next two weeks, a second spot was created, because it was clear to us that the aid had to work over the long term.

Our clients helped us with this by donating their media space for our spots. More than 25 different formats were created. During the first month, more than 6,000,000 people saw the spot and the website received a total of 360,000 unique visitors. A total of 120 different types of offers of help were also brought together on the website, enabling us to raise a total of CZK 36,000,000 in the first month. Because when you feel that something is the right thing to do, you simply have to do it.

Subjects involved in the project: DFMG, Magnas, ČeskoDigital, Boogie Films.

Thanks for the TV space obtained from clients: Český lékárenský holding (Dr. Max), Vodafone, IKEA, Asahi Breweries, Plzeňský Prazdroj, Tchibo, mBank, ŠKODA, Pivovary Staropramen, Dr. Theiss.

Co udělalo kampaň Famously Effective:

In the first month, we helped to raise CZK 36,000,000 to help war-torn Ukraine. The first spot was created in one week, the second during the next two weeks. All production was pro bono. More than six million people saw the spot in first month, but mainly solidarity among people was apparent and we all joined together to help war-torn Ukraine.


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    Stojíme za Ukrajinou

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