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HoppyGo – Hoppy Family

HoppyGo – Hoppy Family

How have we raised awareness of the carsharing service? In short, effectively.

Scope of work

  • Strategy for raising awareness of the HoppyGo brand
  • 360 creative execution, TVC, OOH, Print and Online
  • Production of social-media content

Campaign results

  • 12k new app registrations
  • Average rental length up by more than 10% to an outstanding 5.3 days
  • Rental days totalled 21.805
  • Up to 36% year-on-year growth in rental days
  • 54% year-on-year growth in revenue

About campaign

The “”Cars from people, for people”” creative concept was developed through a structured communication strategy. The strategy defined how to present the service simply and which positive feelings to use in building a relationship with the customer. A detailed media strategy enabled us to talk to customers throughout the campaign and gain their goodwill.

In the creative part of the campaign, we humorously dramatized the various situations and difficulties HoppyGo customers regularly experience. Of course, the solution was the HoppyGo platform, which helped them overcome these inconveniences easily, quickly and efficiently. To lighten the atmosphere of the spots, we took full advantage of actor Kryštof Krhovjak, who played in three roles.

As for the campaign’s media coverage, we concentrated on social-media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This let us take customers on a guided user journey, step by step. It ended with the rental of a vehicle via the HoppyGo app. In short, Famously Effective.

What made HoppyGo Famously Effective:

Simple presentation of the product, quickly comprehensible message with clear feeling, precise media strategy and planning. Last but not least the creative concept benefitting from the actor’s three roles.

  • popis:

    How have we raised awareness of the carsharing service? In short, effectively.

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