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Knights of Branik


The knights appear when image and prestige are needed


Scope of work

  • The marketing campaign embodies the new brand positioning.
  • Inclusive marketing strategies have strengthened the Braník brand.
  • 360 execution through TV, OOH, radio, online and POS.
  • Strong consumer promotion activates users.

Campaign results

Marketing results

  • 50 % increase in considering Braník while shopping
  • 63 % delivery of consumer opportunity “beer during manual labour””

The new advertising is distinct and comprehensible

  • Distinct from the competition – 38 %
  • Comprehensible to the consumer 96 %

Business results

  • Improve in the customer preferences for the Braník brand
  • Overcoming the long-term problem with accepting a higher price

About campaign

With ever-growing competition, Braník beer has struggled with customer reluctance to accept a price increase. Previous campaigns have not been able to build a strong relationship with the brand and persuade customers to buy. This is why we created the Knights of Braník, heroes who symbolize the brand’s positioning.

Instead of shiny armour, they wear overalls and their hearts are always in the right place. Often, you will see them drinking Braník with friends after a job well done. The Knights of Braník are good-natured and accept anyone who feels the same way. The new concept adapted the well-known legend of the Knights of Blaník to the context of beer. It highlighted the qualities of a proper Braník drinker and thus also the Braník brand.

The campaign also played on the words in the headline, where our Knights of Braník shout “Taste Braník!”. Its simplicity helped achieve high effectiveness across channels. Despite media investment being two times less than the competition’s, the creative concept attracted above-average engagement. The positive gains also benefited from well-selected consumer promotion in collaboration with Hornbach. This further supported the link between Braník beer and manual labour.

What made Knights of Branik Famously Effective:

New brand positioning embodied in the archetype of a Knight of Braník. A comprehensible and distinct creative concept. An effective creative strategy for all media channels.


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    The knights appear when image and prestige are needed

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