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New Staropramen 12

You are going to enjoy this

Scope of work

  • Creative concept for new lager Staropramen 12
  • 30′ for TVC and shorter formats 15′ and 10′
  • Custom content for Social Media
  • Traditional media – OOH and print
  • POS + instore

About campaign

Whether it’s sport, work or the weather, we know how to properly enjoy it. In our own way and with a bit of typical grumbling. But we’re at our best when it comes to beer. And that’s exactly the point we wanted to make in the new spot for Staropramen 12 with a fuller, more balanced flavour.

No cheesy commercial where everyone is smiling, furiously clinking glasses and being constantly cheerful. No, we wanted to strike a balance with our typical Czech sarcasm and humour. This note was struck perfectly by actor Hynek Čermák, who again became the central character of the commercial. Hynek is not only a guide, but also actively adds the punchline to the individual scenes and contributes to the wittiness of the whole campaign with his talent. The campaign was created in cooperation with Bistro Films and was directed by Jakub Švejkar, who ensured that the spot emanates humour and levity.

The new spot follows the successful Christmas campaign, which launched a new era of the “our way” communication strategy. In this new communication line, we want to bring Staropramen closer to consumers and their real life. Therefore, in every campaign we take inspiration from life truths and our typical Czech temperament.

Besides the television spot, we also created for the New 12 with an improved recipe videos for social media, as well as print and OOH materials for the product and image part.

What made new Staropramen 12 Famously Effective:

Incorporation of Staropramen 12 with an improved recipe into the new “To Life Our Way” brand positioning bringing the brand closer to consumers and the communication concept “You’re Going to Enjoy This” celebrating the typical Czech temperament and Czech grumbling.


  • Popis:

    You are going to enjoy this

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