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PRE Pražská energetika


Shadows for a healthier environment

In 2020 we established long-term cooperation with PRE as a full-service lead agency. In addition to communication strategy, visual identity, copywriting and internal communication, we also launched an awareness-raising campaign for PREekoproud, PREʼs key product. It purchases energy solely from renewable resources in the Czech Republic and thus its customers can do their small part to contribute to a better environment for all of us.

“No complicated gestures. You can help the environment by simply switching to PREekoproud.” The main idea was clear: small changes lead to big changes. In the campaign, we wanted to remind people that instead of big words or complicated processes, it is enough to take a small step to a better tomorrow. To improve the environment for all of us. In order for this communication to reach everyone effectively, we took the path of exceptional creativity. We connected the depiction of the actual “complicated gestures” with natural motifs. Hand shadows evoking wild animals in the beautiful Czech countryside literally decorated Prague advertising spaces. The visuals fulfilled their role, drawing attention to themselves and forcing people to spend some time on the communication. The campaign received an excellent response. We didn’t take the route of eco-blackmail, but rather chose a simple insight, that it really does only take a single step towards change.

According to the data, the campaign was relevant for more than 49% of the population, which wants to show their positive relationship to the environment, but does not know how or does not want to drastically change their lifestyle. 

What made PREekoproud Famously Effective: The creative differentiating itself from the category communication + A simple approach to a difficult theme + The high relevance of the communication for the target group

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    Shadows for a healthier environment

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